Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth-Quakes & Extra-Marital Affairs!

If you are judgemental and moralistic, you call it as adultery.

If you are non-judgemental and neutral, you call it as extra-marital affair!

Whatever be its name, it signifies infidelity or philandery, if you have any kind of intimate relationship with a person other than your legally wedded spouse. It need not have to be necessarily sexual. It can be psychological or even spiritual.

I don't want to sully my beloved philosopher Plato by using the widely misconstrued term Platonic. In both of his seminal works, Symposium and Phaedrus, Plato never discusses love devoid of erotic passion. Platonic relationship, therefore, would include both the physical and the spiritual. Plato only stresses that erotic enthusiasm ought to become the motivational power to be directed in the realm of art, literature, learning and philosophy!

Sigmund Freud has cleared the cloud considerably, when he stated that everything good or bad stems from the expression or repression of the sex drive. According to Freud, love is a continual game of sexual hide-and-seek. All relationships in love are sexual mating games of varied hues and colours. It is embodied in the Eros, which is the basic drive for the survival of the species. The interesting ascpect of Freud's theorisation is that he highlighted that the sexual instincts are remarkable for their plasticity. It means the facility with which they can change their aim and camouflage their real intent; and the ease with which they can substitute one form of gratification for another.

The real persons who know the power of sex are the ones who are deeply religious. For they are the ones who are too intimate with the leela of the Eros and the Thanatos. That's precisely why, when a religious leader forewarns you, it has be taken up seriously. If not, you may be condemned to hell along with various other penalties and punishments that would be accompanying it. So, in the interest of all of us, I thought it befitting to bring the following piece of advice to your kind notice, for necessary action at your respective ends.

A senior Iranian Cleric Mr. Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi has recently claimed in Tehran that extramarital affairs are causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several seismic fault lines. According to the senior Cleric, one should not taint chastitiy and indulge in any form of extra-marital affair as it increases the incidence of earthquakes. This advice was not heeded by the Europeans and within a few days after it was prophesised by the Hon'ble Cleric, the volcanic eruption has happened in Iceland! Since we heeded the advice, we have been saved. But just because we are saved once does not give any license for any unchaste behaviour in future. Beware! Never indulge in extra-marital relationships!

Now comes the Million-Dollar Question : Read between the lines! It is only the extra-marital relationships which are reprimanded. Therefore, don't you think that His Holiness of Tehran is actually advocating Polygamy?!


  1. In extra-marital relationships, one taps the hitherto suppressed energies. Collective tapping of the energies have the potential to rock the earth, thereby leading to earthquakes. So, I entirely agree with the Holy Cleric. Reverse would happen in polygamy. If 'one' saps your energies and makes you like dead man walking, what would polygamy do to you. A mango ridden of its pulp. A squeezed lemon. Such a person can't even shake his body. Forget about shaking the earth. So polygamy would be a sure shot solution to earthquakes! Sathya, you have hit the Bull's eye here. Idea SirJee!

  2. Marriages are always made in heaven.
    Therefore, whatever that happens on Earth could only be extra-marital!

  3. What about pre-marital relationships? Do they augur well for the earth?

  4. Extra-marital includes post & pre.
    So, don't feel guilty & keep only shagging, Mr.Bala.
    Go ahead & get a life!!