Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turning 40 !

It's easier to get older than it is to get wiser..


Every man over forty is a scoundrel.

~ George Bernard Shaw


The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer


We don't understand life any better at forty than at twenty, but we know it and admit it.

~ Jules Renard


Whoever, in middle age, attempts to realize the wishes and hopes of his early youth, invariably deceives himself. Each ten years of a man's life has its own fortunes, its own hopes, its own desires.
~ Goethe
From forty to fifty a man must move upward, or the natural falling off in the vigor of life will carry him rapidly downward.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr
At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At 40, we don't care what they think of us. At 60, we discover they haven't been thinking of us at all.

~ Ann Landers


After You Turn 40 ~

Your idea of weight lifting is standing up!

Your best friend is dating someone half the age
and isn't breaking any laws!

It takes longer to rest than it did to get tired!

You have more patience; but actually,
it's just that you don't care any more!

You confuse having a clear conscience
with having a bad memory!

Your mouth is in gear and
your brain is in neutral!

 Before crossing a room you look both ways!

People no longer view you as a hypochondriac!

Your secrets are safe with your friends
because they can't remember them either!

Your joints are more accurate
than the National Weather Service!

You don't care where your spouse goes,
just as long as you don't have to go along!

 Your semi-annual erection becomes
an annual semi-erection!

Your new easy chair has more options than your car!

You sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going!


  1. Hi Satya,

    Many many happy returns of the day. I reach your feat in another one week. And I look forward to it. Because I can't escape it. I feel it would be hugely liberating. I plan to shave off my head to declare that I am no longer bothered about the receding hairline. Annual-semi......would not be cause of concern as your better half would be more understanding. You can refuse children piggy ride on ur back on ground that the back can no longer support those monsters. U can go to a public park and strike funny yoga postures without getting giggles from the PYTs. You can do the laughter exercise with oldies now. There would be so many other things which our poor mind would now accept easily. Life definitely would be more simple. Pl. Cheer up. I would be with u in another one week. Go. Get a cake. Enjoy. Happy birthday again.

    Happy Birthday

  2. "You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older." - Anouk Aimee

    Have a great time ahead!

  3. All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific. -- Jane Wagner

    Middle age is when you still believe you'll feel better in the morning. -- Bob Hope

    The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. -- Henry L. Mencken

    The spiritual eyesight improves as the physical eyesight declines. -- Plato

    happy birthday to u and pankaj.

    A dozen of people at 40, sitting down and having a conversation, seems like an orchestra playing a music with their coughing, sneezing and heavy breaths!

  4. It is now clear as to why the blogger got enthralled by Ripe Old Love! Cheer up! You are not yet obsolete! Just warn your wife. Forty and cranky can be pretty awful. God save her!

    Many many happy returns of the day!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Sathya.

  6. i am also going reach your level from this Friday on wards...
    nice 40...

  7. i am also going to reach your level from this Friday on wards...
    nice 40...

    NOVEMBER 6, 2011 9:57 PM