Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear GrandMa..

Dear GrandMa ~ Brian Lynch

Visiting GrandMother ~ Hans Anderson Brendekilde

GrandMother And Grandson ~ A Russian Painting

GrandMother's Magic ~ Donna Pidlubny

The GrandMother's Wardrobe ~ George Phoenix

Dreams Of GrandMother ~ Karl Briullov


  1. Those who get the love of their grandmother are truly blessed. I, for one, have very pleasant and loving memories of my grandmother. If there is one person in whom I have seen love, generosity and kindness manifest, it was she. She was like prem-murti anandmayi Amma. When u are a child u don't assign value to things u get in abandon. Only when u face with a daunting and harsh world, u know what treasure u have lost when someone close to u passed away, whose love was taken for granted when he/she was around. I wish she continues to be my grandmother in all future lives. Amma tujhe salaam!

  2. Well Said Pankaj.. I too experienced well.

    By hearing this song, my eyes are welled up with the memories of my late Grand mother.

    Recently my son aparted from his Grandmother, I feel the same from his shoe.

    Grandmother's Love is unconditional..

    Today many Grandmother's VALUE becoming VALUEless due to 'n' number of frustrations.. irritations ofcourse 'n' number of reasons behind it..

    Eventhough Grandmother's Love always unconditional.

    Yes. Those who get Grandmother with love & living in right values are truly blessed.

  3. Grandmother Magic is for all the grandmothers out there who love, nurture and encourage their grandchildren into becoming the people they really are.