Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Saw Her In The Moonlight..

Poetry : Subramanya Bharathi

Rendition : Sanjay Subrahmanyan

I saw her in the moonlight
And took shelter inside her

I have emerged victorious over my senses
And vanquished the desire for possessions

She told me to work without expectation
She told me to live a life of devotion
She extinguished my grief
And wiped away all the sorrows

She created the light of the stars
She created the blowing whirlwind
She created the cosmic space
And lit the passion eternally in my heart

~ Subramanya Bharathi

சந்திரன் ஒளியில் அவளைக் கண்டேன்
சரணம் என்று புகுந்து கொண்டேன் 
இந்திரியங்களை வென்று விட்டேன்
எனதென்றாசையைக் கொன்று விட்டேன் 
பயன் எண்ணாமல் உழைக்க சொன்னாள்
பக்தி செய்து பிழைக்க சொன்னாள்
துயரில்லாதெனை செய்து விட்டாள்
துன்பம் என்பதை கொய்து விட்டாள் 
மீன்கள் செய்யும் ஒளியைச் செய்தாள்
வீசி நிற்கும் வளியைச் செய்தாள்
வான்கணுள்ள வெளியைச் செய்தாள்
வாழி நெஞ்சிற் களியைச் செய்தாள்

~ சுப்பிரமணிய பாரதி


  1. Wow! Which should be praised more? The wonderful verse or the apt translation or the magnificient rendition or the mesmerising photograph..I choose to praise the blogger for posting such a breathtaking and exhilarating post on the day of Guru Poornima.. is is really wonderful to listen to the song in Sanjay"s majestic voice.. To imagine how the song must have leapt out of Bharathiyar on a similar moon lit night makes me yearn for more.. Dear blogger,please keep showering us with more such masterpieces..

  2. Beautiful translation of the poem! Keeping the spirit and emotion of the original work intact.

    Interesting to see the use of "Chandiran" and not "Nila" or its variant to describe Moon by Bharatiyaar.

    Moon and Passion have an everlasting bond!!

  3. Bharati was a great poet. As on date, no one could create such poems. Today, every poet (so called) are using the words and thoughts of Bharati and surviving. Within his short life, he had realized the core content of life and shared with every one through his everlasting poems. Sanjay Subramanian is a un-comparable, un-compromizing singer. Thanks Sathya, for selecting the great works, translating and publishing. Kamal.