Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Days Of The Week

Monday morning blues are difficult to beat. The prospect of having to undergo yet another routine set of same motions for five more days looms large at the morning horizon with a sinister smile. A nausea for living emerges from your underbelly, raises slowly above, passes through your chest and gets stuck at your throat. Till you gradually forget about it in the unrelated flow of events which are mostly beyond comprehension. By the end of the day, you get logically warmed up and resign yourself to the fatality of life.

Tuesday is a hazy day. You get out of the bed by warning yourself that you gotta be optimistic about life. You start the day by convincing yourself that the mission of your great life is inextricably interwoven with the accomplishments of all those petty and mundane things which beckon at your desk. By the night-fall, your dalliance with the power of positive thinking gets transformed from the murkier to merrier. As you realise that there is no other choice left with.

Wednesday is the day of orgasmic mediocrity. You achieve spasmodic fits of excitement when you try to believe that you can easily kick out your wretchedness into oblivion. You avoid looking into your own eyes at the mirror for it may show you through. With a facade of stiffness you prance around as though you have taken life completely under your control. You fall asleep before the crack opens too wide.

Thursday morning you wake up sober. A sense of pride wells up in your heart. More because you become aware that you have crossed half-way through and you are still alive and kicking. You feel that you are not left behind in learning the tricks of your trade. You feel pretty amazed that you can fathom all those depths with a stunning equipoise as you can scale the heights of existence. It becomes difficult to accept the contradictions and convolutions of your mind. Thursday evening becomes a time to contemplate at the predicament of your life.

Friday morning brings you a mischievous smile. A beautiful day is ahead of you. You have tamed the bull by its horns. Now the time is up to relax and rejoice. The very thought that this is the last day of the week brings a million cheers. You can manage any impending disaster with such an ease as the promise of a weekend makes you glow. Friday night is to get high. To let loose your mangled nerves. To celebrate your victory for having protected your precious heart with both the hands without bursting upon the world.

And to thank all the Gods and Guardian Angels for having given a Saturday and a Sunday at every weekend!


  1. If you wake up at 4:00 O'Clock, every day is beautiful. From 4:00 to 10:00 you have 6 hours. Of this reduce 1 hr. for dispatching kids to school. So you have 5 hrs. for yourself alone. This is quite some time. You can go high in the morning itself. But this high should not be confused with the high we experience on Friday nights. Far better than that. It is only when we believe that Friday night is to get high, we start waiting for friday night and screw our 5 days.

    Saturday & Sunday, no doubt are better than rest of the days, but because kids are not off to school, so you can't drink the nectar the way you do on week days. So, my dog will show the emotions shown by your dog on Week days and not on weekends. On monday mornings, he is extremely delighted. That delight continues for the week. But he is a little subdued on Weekends. For that he makes up by way of afternoon seista and other activities. On the whole he keeps wagging his tail in joy on all days.

  2. Dear Mr Sathya, I believe you have read much of R K Narayan, if you find free time read his essays in them you see a different Narayan. He has written an essay titled 'Next Sunday', probably an antithesis of what you have mused and put to writing in your article. I have enjoyed reading your article. Do blog more

  3. What you have said in your blog is exactly how life has become both in public and private sectors. Even if you get up at 4am, what will you do after 10 am is where the problem lies. Am having this problem in private sector even if we are supposed to be having flexitime.

  4. Excellent blog! It sums up all our lives in a nut shell.

  5. Its very interesting blog!
    "And to thank all the Gods and Guardian Angels for having given a Saturday and a Sunday at every weekend!"-These two lines was excellent!

    What you have said about "The days of the week" is very apt in our day to-day life..

    Ofcourse, everyone is expecting that two days saturday and sunday for enjoying and refreshing!

    The cartoons in that blog was very funny and cute!

  6. In my opinion this cycle applies to people who has won the war on materialistic freedom to the maximum extent....

  7. Dude,
    A great song sums the life of our times.

    You know what Tuli lived for 86 year, before he kicked the bucket. So there still ....