Friday, May 7, 2010

Mool Bandh Mudra : A Post-Modern Yogic Therapy!

Hi Folks,

Don't you think, its high time, that we relax a wee bit?
Too much of Zen will have such unanticipated fallouts.
We should keep reminding ourselves that such excesses are not good for our bellied bodies, already afflicted with mid-life crises.
Let us forget our fractured souls for the time-being.
Let it rest in peace for a while.

Let us now start practicing this new-age yogic therapy, which I've termed as Mool Bandh Mudra.
You are welcome to suggest newer names and finer modifications in the postures and methodologies of this post-modern yogic practice.
Especially the climax!
Apart from immensely helping to ward off the work-place and blog-space boredom, this yoga is supposed to be having innumerable therapeutic benefits.
Both visible and invisible.
You are requested to share your profound experiences after undergoing this therapy.

Let us rejoice!


  1. red earth and pouring rainMay 7, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    "synthetic asana aasanam". the symbolism can be compared only to namdev dhasal's expression " i am the venerial sore on the private part of language". for all my non-original sins in the course of bureacratic life, i will undergo penitence by doing more no. of prescribed mudra. will prescribe the same to all my fellow K's who are embattling in the CASTLE to do it in regular frequency.

  2. Nice posting. Do you know about these bandha books?

  3. LOL!

    It can also be called as 'SYAM' - Shut Your Ass Mudra! Da method has to be slightly modified. Da climax of holding da ball & wobbling towards da xerox machine shud be preceded by a performance of throwing da ball straight from da ass & den catching it back der itself after it bounces!

    Am no fool. Am very much aware dat da pun is directed towards me by da blogger, to keep tight. Being a national level football player during my university days, i take it sportively. Therefore, lemme assure u all dat i've got more vigor after doing dis yoga & wud keep bouncing on all of u, including da blogger. Not like dat pingpong ball, but like a football! Of course, in da rite spirit.

    I prescribe dis yoga to all da readers of da blog, including da blogger, to be done on a daily basis. It'll unleash all creative energies from da mooladhara to make our blogging and commenting more sensible & intelligent!

  4. I am worried after this blog. Reason being the human ability to take any idea to dizzying heights. The human mind likes experimentation. Like we do with food, sex and the rest of it. So, we might very soon see cases in Offices where bored ones experiment with balls of all shapes and sizes. Even live balls. With live balls they may even claim that they were born with this inclination. Since present from the time of birth, they would ask for its legalisation, like with other things.

    We might see opening of new kinds of bowling alleys, where people put their asses as the target. Even nine asses at display on lines of conventional bowling alleys. Coaching camps for ass-bhedan would also come up gradually. Advertising agencies would draft Ash, Shahrukh, Priyanka etc. for publicity. The way public discourse would get elevated then is not beyond imagination!

    Why not start by including this game in the upcoming Commonwealth games. The queen would be extremely delighted, as the englishmen now hardly gets a chance to show his ass to the rest of the world!

  5. This is a very good technique to have a change in office monotony!

    Other techniques like talking with colleagues, telling a joke, sharing a family experience or a joke can also be adopted to have a diversion and get back the energy while in office.