Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Urban Exigencies!

These are depressing times..

Let us ease it up, by enlightening ourselves on a crucial exigency!

Happy Disease-Free Life!!


  1. I happened to watch a programme on 'Discovery Travel and Living' a week ago. It was on world's unusual toilets. It was a countdown programme on toilets and closets. The number one on the countdown was a toilet in England that goes into the earth during daytime and pops out at night. It is set up in streets that have a lot of pubs and alcohol shops. The toilet resembles our own Indian styles with only the front part of the humans, who urinate, concealed and the rear is open to voyeurs. The ingenuous designers are so chauvinistic that they have not minded women, as the design supports only men. By the way there is no chance of practicing what you have shown on the blog in that toilet. I also believe that the time taken to keep oneself clean will be more than answering nature's call, so it will be counter productive as it makes one stay there long and prone to disease. Please do not read the comment seriously.

  2. A public toilet is a ticking time-bomb. Should be avoided at all cost, if one can. Otherwise be there for the shortest of time possible. As far as picking-up disease is concerned, we may as well be dropping two while picking up one. Who knows what is being traded. But your timely intervention would surely ease up pressure on public toilets.
    People who are aware of the lurking danger use ingenious techniques. My former boss use to lock the toilet after using it. She would never give the keys to anyone, even fellow officers. May be she knew of their secrets. There are people who make it so dirty that they prevent others from using it thereby saving them from God knows what? They may actually be doing a public service. At least they lift the garb of a clean toilet while lifting themselves. Then there are others who not being able to wreck sufficient damage because of insufficient movement inside, use smoke to deter others. They make the toilet fit to be used by themselves only. There are others who do not feel restricted by the physical boundries. Their outpouring knows no bounds. This prevents one from stepping in. Obviously you can not fly in a toilet. So the option remains not to use it. Thus even these people save you. we should be thankful to such people for such yeomen service!

  3. Da u-tube blog on da usage of public toilets is very amusing.
    And useful too!
    Pankaj's comments r hilarious!
    Hope 2 see more on such blasphemous issues of living on u'r blog every now & den.

    But wat happened to u?
    U seem to hav shut shop & almost stopped seriously blogging for quite some time.
    Cheer up kiddo!

  4. Great post. I have read another interesting post about western tourists' encounter with public toilets in asian countries. You should check it out too.