Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Asshole Song ~ Jimmy Buffett

Well, I was drivin' down I-95 the other night 
Somebody nearly cut me right off the road 
I decided it wasn't gonna do any good to get mad 
So I wrote a song about him instead, it goes like this :

Were you born an asshole 
Or did you work at it your whole life? 
Either way, it worked out fine 
'Cause you're an asshole tonight 

Yes, you're an A S S H O L E 
And don't you try to blame it on me 
You deserve all the credit 
You're an asshole tonight 
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/j/jimmy+buffett/the+asshole+song_20214732.html ] 
You were an asshole yesterday 
You're an asshole tonight 
And I've got a feelin' 
You'll be an asshole the rest of your life 

And I was talkin' to your mother 
Just the other night 
I told her I thought you were an asshole 
She said, "Yes, I think you're right" 

And all your friends are assholes 
'Cause you've known them your whole life 
And somebody told me 
You've got an asshole for a life 

Were you born an asshole? 
Or did you work at it your whole life? 
Either way it worked out fine 
'Cause you're an asshole tonight

~ Jimmy Buffet


Dedicated To The Assholes Who Work At It The Whole Life

To Some Who Even Get A Doctoral Degree For That!


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  1. The post is enjoyable. But the target is not clear. You tend to have a doubt that it could be you also. Then u justify to yourself, that you can't be one. Then u reason out why u can't be. Still the doubt persists. Then u remember all the things u had done which eminently qualifies u for the title. In the process u become one. Enjoy being one as u have worked at it. One day u will get a doctoral degree also.