Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Shortest Stories

(Photo : Selvan)


When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there.

(Augusto Monterroso)


For Sale : Baby shoes, never worn.

(Ernest Hemingway)


God said, 'Cancel Program GENESIS'. 
The universe ceased to exist.

(Arthur C Clarke)


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  1. The picture of Calvin in the blissful embrace of Hobbes and the photograph of the two inquisitive kids are the cutest stories among the lot.While the story of Hemingway stuns you,the other two bring a smile to the lips.However it is the picture of Calvin in the arms of his toy friend Hobbes which is the best, filling you with warmth and bringing a wide smile to the face.

    Many a times during school days I have had the urge to open the Postbox and look for letters from the dear ones like those beautiful tots. The curiousity and amazement of those two little ones come out so vividly in their postures which have been captured so beautifully. One truly misses those intimate moments with mails where one would eagerly wait for the arrival of the postman, in this era of electronic mail.

    Here are a few more shortiest stories I liked..

    Epitaph: He shouldn't have fed it.

    There were only 6 words left.

    The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door..