Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shiva ~ Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar

Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar's Shiva In Raag Bhairav

O my Lord, Thy hand holding the sacred drum has made and ordered the heavens and earth and other worlds and innumerable souls. Thy lifted hand protects both the conscious and unconscious order of Thy creation. All these worlds are transformed by Thy hand bearing fire. Thy sacred foot, planted on the ground, gives an abode to the tired soul struggling in the toils of causality. It is Thy lifted foot that grants eternal bliss to those that approach Thee. These Five-Actions are indeed Thy handiwork..

~ Chidambara Mummani Kovai

On the blissful summit of eternity
A single Soul of bare infinities,
Guarded He keeps by a fire-screen of peace
His mystic l
oneliness of nude ecstasy.
But, touched by an immense delight to be,
He looks across unending depths and sees
Musing amidst the inc
onscient silences
The Mighty Mother's bounteous felicity.
Half now awake She rises to His glance;
Then, moved to circling by Her heart-beats' will,
The rhythmic worlds describe that passi
Life springs in Her and Mind is born; Her face
She lifts to Him who is Herself, until
The Spirit leaps into the Spirit's embrace.

~ Sri Aurobindo

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  1. Shiva's cosmic dance is like a game of football of cosmic dimensions, with number of smaller and larger balls in use for eg. earth, sun, moon, stars, galaxies etc. There are infinite number of players who are part of this game. These players belong to all kinds of species. But the ones characterised as humans are most fit to score a goal. Once someone scores a goal, he is immediately entered into the Hall of Fame for all times to come. After this, disease and death can never strike them. They will never tumble on the field again. However, to score a goal, one should be aware of the rules of the game. Without following these rules, it is impossible to find the goalpost. But Alas! most players go on playing the game without being aware of the rules. They have been dribbling in different directions since time immemorial and reach no where. Even though the Goal Post is everywhere, still it is not to be found unless the principal instrument through which this game is played has been cleaned and sharpened and honed and quietened to a high degree. For most of the players, sheer size of the game becomes so imposing, they lose heart and drift towards the sidelines. But if they do so, the game becomes quite cruel to them. They have to again find heart at some point or other [may be in distant future] to again enter the midfield. There is no escape from the game. Therefore, it will help if these rules are followed:-

    1. Never injure yourself. What is self injury? Self-injury is causing injury to the body by improper eating/sleeping or inadequate exercises. Self-injury is causing injury to the mind by thinking ill of others or letting anger, frustration, jealousy or unbridled desires take the better of you;

    2. It may not be possible to love others as one loves thyself. But at least make an earnest effort to understand others;

    3. It may not be easy to get rid of your possesions. At least never, never covet possessions of others, whether it be money, wife or anything else.

    4. It may not be possible to get rid of all your desires. So fulfill those which can be fulfilled easily. Do not harbour new ones. And leave the others like hot potatoes.

    5. Work for the sake of work. Without expecting any returns. If u expect returns, returns will surely come like refreshments on the football field. But the game being a dangerous one, there would be ample red cards and yellow cards and penalties awaiting u.

    6. And finally immerse urself in goalpost conciousness whether by method of meditation or prayer or by any other method. Unless the goalpost is fully satiated, it will not reveal itself to the player.

    Remember. Shiva makes only Shiva. And Rama makes only Rama. They make others like themselves. No less. This tonic will always keep ur spirit high in this cosmic game.

  2. The Natraja is really very beautiful in all the pictures-the symbolism and the realism of it evokes deep awe and infinte mix of undefinable feeelings. A miniscule part of that which is unexplainable and beyond words gets expression in the beauty of these images-like avalokiteswara having thousands of hands and eyes to see the needs of people and help.The dance of shiva is the cosmic dance of creation, the hair flying about shows the complete absorption of Shiva as well as complete abandon,intense involvement in dance and intense movement,, at the same time the eyes are half closed,meditative, peaceful and looking inwards and the lips are silent.With one foot, Lord Shiva crushes the evil silently without being effected, without drawing attention which is inevitable in the process of creation- perhaps the evil lies lurking in all of us for the creation itself is born of desire.With one hand,a beautiful hand rises in abhay mudra reminding everyone that He is ever there to take care of his creation and guide us when we seek Him.In one hand,The lord Holds fire which burns everything-whether it be the fire of desire or of prayer.The uplifted feet speaks of the infinite possibilities of liberation-freedom from bondage, from fear, from poverty,whatever binds you.One hand with extreme grace points towards the lakshya of all creation -the uplifted feet while living in the world, while dancing.The Natraja dances-creating, symbolising, silent but speaking a thousand languages,moving intensely but meditating,crushing evil without hate,doing what is to be done without seeming to do it.He contains more philosophies than words can express- that is why emotions rush in and words fail.
    When he rests with His consort, they are in complete loving union in the same circle of fire ,completely dedicated to each other,knowing not where one begins and other ends-thhe thigh of the universal mother rests on Her beloved emanating bounteous and overflowing love.They are shown holding hands and are completely aware of each other while The mother looks lovingly, Lord shiva drinks of her nectar love and pours it into his creation.Thus, they loveinfinitely and merge from the lone Natraja form to ASrdhanarishwar form.

  3. Wow, What a rendering, Tears can be the only offering, The scultprues are also beautiful. - Devi