Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Discrimination of LGBT : A Judicial Panacea à la Ramdev's Virus-Aasan!

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  1. In Sao Paulo huge processions are taken out by LGBT community. This is an annual feature. More than 3 million people take part in these processions. Similar is the situation in many of other countries of west. It appears that the majority community in many western cities is now LGBT. Every community wants to have its majority so that it can feel secure. Everywhere this is the case. Here it is no different. The din over 377 should be seen in this light. It is nothing but a shrewd or sub-conscious effort to have majority of their own kind. So the issue for us is whether we are ready to be minorities in our own land.

    Second issue is that we are not even able to properly handle even heterosexuals. See the case of Singhvi, Tejpal, Ganguly and company. The illustrious list is going to increase. In contrast LGBT tendencies are on fringe today. May be here also there will be a beeline to enter into the Hall of fame. Interesting times ahead!