Monday, February 22, 2010

My Name Is Khan : A Propped Up Creative Flop

Its not good for the health of one's soul to dwell upon something which one does not appreciate. There is so much beauty and joy in this world to relish and savour. Bollywood Cinema has matured beyond comparison in the last ten years. The snobbishly regimented boundaries of art and commercial cinema, between parallel and pulp cinema have blurred. Only good and bad cinema remains.

A series of brilliantly fascinating movies have been made in Bollywood during the last few years. The calibre of Hindi movie directors and actors seem to be quite high when compared to that of Tamil cinema. If the average IQ level of the good Hindi movie directors can be taken to be 8 in a scale of 10, then the same for their Tamil brethren would not cross 4 for sure. There seems to be no redemption anywhere in sight from the pretentious trappings of the Tamil film world.

In recent times, marketing a film product before its release has reached dizzy heights as the money invested is huge and the probability of getting higher return is a risky business proposition. But nothing can beat the marketing strategy employed for "My Name Is Khan". After two successive flops, Shah Rukh Khan could ill afford another failure in the box office. And to his good luck, Bal Thackeray and his son, the electronic and the print media came to the rescue and propped up the sales of tickets everywhere.

I didn't like the movie a wee bit, except for some flashes of brilliance scarcely scattered here and there. Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have been seriously infected with KamalHassan's Syndrome rather than Asperger's Syndrome as falsely claimed in the movie. I feel this movie as an insult to the already persecuted Muslim community and its self-esteem. Is there no other creative way to portray the complex problems faced by the members of Islam in the current global scenario? Why should the protagonist of a movie keep babbling at the drop of a hat that his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist? With a pathetic script and a mediocre storyline, the film fails miserably on all creative fronts. But it has been a commercial success and it is now good times for the Karan Johar-Shah Rukh couple!
That is no bad news afterall.
Rating : 3 out of 10


  1. Dear Sathya

    visited your blog. enjoyed it.

    hope more and more from you


  2. Your rating about both tamil cinema and hindi cinema was very correct. It seems to be where tamil cinema going in improper way.
    The directors and producers of tamil cinema don't take that much care in making a good flim. It seems to be there is a lack of coordination within a team for making a good flim. Best example is Jakkupai flim has been released on before releasing date.This is what happening in tamil cinema.

    Although tamil cinema having good directors like Shanker,Manirathnam,Murugadhas(who is one of my favourite director),K.S.Ravakumar, Koutham menan, ofcourse selveraagavan..
    Selvaraagavan took tamil cinema one step ahead through the flim aairathil oruvan. The flim was good.. But it will be more good,if it was in clear manner.
    However these directors are trying to balance our tamil cinema ang making a good flim. But in recent days, the released movies like Kutti,theeratha vilyattu pillai and etc..
    it makes disappointment on tamil cinema.

    It seems my interest is moving towards to hindhi cinema and other languages.
    3 Idiots had become one of my favourite flims.I don't have that much knowledge about bollywood cinema as much as you know.. But I know little bit..
    I came to know more about hindhi cinema through your musing.. it was very useful interesting..
    Your musing about My Name is Khan, its clearly tells that how that flim got flops..
    Anyway i would like to see that movie because of its advertisements. hope i will see it soon...

    I expect more news about bollywood cinema from you..