Sunday, February 21, 2010

Say What You Need To Say..

It is strange. I had never intended to blog. Tonite i was checking my mail box after an unsual break of almost 5 five days b'coz of my visit to Delhi and my stay at Brahmaputra Hostel in JNU with Shanaa. After checking the mails, i was casually surfing the Net when i came across this song "Say" of John Mayer, which i happened to listen for the first time in life. The song has opened up my inner doors to converse with myself. Then came the sudden impulse to create a blog and record my private musings randomly whatever and whenever i feel like. This is going to be a kind of soliloquy of sorts. A kind of an erratic diary which will be purely personal and also not so personal. Where i can discover myself and keep having a constant conversation with that anonymous Other..

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  1. why u choose the name RAndom musings..i also thank chinamayi..