Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ram Krishna Yadav a.k.a. Baba Ramdev : The Photo-Op Of The Yogic Circus



  1. Wonderful is the selection of phorographs. I think the only missing link in the circus may be one of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale who may have assumed another avatar, threatning the state of an army of 11000 shauryavan sainiks to take on the police.

    The way Anna and Baba are routinely issuing ultimatums with Acharya Balkrishna and Acharya Arvind Kejriwal in tow and with complete disregard for Parliament, time is not far when we will have ample repertoire of such Kodak moments.

    Who can now say that Theatre is on verge of extinction!

  2. True! Theatre and that too lots of them are still prevalent! Just that we have become so used to the " Dramas " that its become a part and parcel of our lives!

    We still have not got our priorities right!! We are certainly proving that we are descendants of " Apes " !

  3. why no write-up here? the photos are very poignant. but write something as well. I am sure you can do it.


  4. The first photograph is perfect- a picture of serenity and yoga asana sadhana.And public follows them till the other pictures start coming into focus more and more clearly.Even if a person be a sadhak or a yogi ,the razor sharp edge is difficult to walk through and the slips and falls lead them to ludicurous situations.What is also surprising is that even the years of yoga sadhana failed to sustain him on a fast of just seven days when yogis are known to fast for weeks at a stretch.He should withdraw from public life now and also his claim to be a yogi.

  5. baba ram is a man not god and they liked girls