Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ripe Old Love


With sickness faint and weary
All day in bed I'll lie;
My friends will gather near me
And she'll with them come nigh.
She'll put to shame the doctors
Who'll ponder over me,
For she alone, my loved one,
knows well my malady.

~ An Ancient Egyptian Poem



  1. What a lovely collection of photographs and what a beautiful poem.....

  2. If these old people would have kept the count of their kisses, the one shown here may be the millionth, but appears as fresh as the morning dew. Like a fragrant flower which emits fragrance even when it is about to be plucked. That should be the spirit.

  3. These photographs are morally motivating to be Loved with Loved one.

    I have crossed a lot of old aged parents in my life. They are all (living?) forcefully travelling together but departed from their beloved one and leading a frustrated life with Long Faces.

    Struck with trivial arguments and lost the beauty of love and togetherliness.

    These photographs are really a benchmark for all of us.

    This is the only way to defend ourselve from all our malladies.

    Want to preserve this photographs ever in my life time.

    Wish You All To Live Happily with Beloved One.
    and Pray for to be..

  4. Eternal love such as this continues into the next lives and is the best gift that two people share and cherish.As much the photographs,sathyu's unspoken thoughts which have made a collection from random pictures are very much appreciable.lord Buddha's association with Yashodara has also been eternal and so is of Radha and Krishna,Shankar and Bhavani,Vishnu and lakshmi.It is only the Divine which comes in the form of love and dwells in mortal hearts with immortal souls.

  5. "'I try to remember life without him and it's like trying to remember an old film I thought I'd seen but perhaps never did. I ask him if he's sorry we didn't find each other when we were young & he says he would never have recognized me when he was young. And besides, he was too old when he was young, he says"
    Marlena de Blasi
    A Thousand Days in Venice: An Unexpected Romance

    Can the warm feeling that tugs at one's heart reading the poem and seeing the photographs be ever matched with anything else..Watching two old people in love, holding hands or snuggling close to each other can be the most heart warming moment which make us wonder at the very purpose of life. The Love at the ripe old age signifies the long lasting affection that fills our heart with hope and their expressions are full of knowing glances, inside smiles and warm feelings in waiting hearts.

    It make us yearn for that Love which will last a lifetime and all through the eternity.

  6. It is a beautiful collection of photographs on love which gets seasoned with time. Both the ancient Egyptian poem quoted by the Blogger and the lines of Marlena de Blasi quoted by Anonymous are tantalisingly wonderful. 'Knowing glances and inside smiles' as said by Anonymous is sounding very poetic.

    Only love makes the face of human beings glow with radiant beauty. How gifted are these loved ones for having discovered their soul-mates to bask in each other's care and warmth!

  7. It is difficult to state which is more poetic- the photographs or the verse. Both are lovely. Each one of the photograph seem to be narrating a story of their own , of myriad emotions- from care & warmth to contentment & companionship to mischief & careless joy! The collections of the photographs are definitely a poem in themselves.

    Isn't it wisely said that Aged Love is like Aged Wine? It becomes more satisfying, more refreshing and more intoxicating. Blessed are the souls who find such love!

  8. Lovely blog!

    "A Kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years"

    I just feel jealous on those lovely blessed souls on the earth!

    I can't even imagine them as aged persons. They are the most happiest children in the world!

  9. "The question is asked, "Is there anything more beautiful in life than a boy and a girl clasping clean hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage? Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?" And the answer is given. "Yes, there is a more beautiful thing. It is the spectacle of an old man and an old woman finishing their journey together on that path. Their hands are gnarled, but still clasped; their faces are seamed, but still radiant; their hearts are physically bowed and tired, but still strong with love and devotion for one another. Yes there is a more beautiful thing than young love. Old love."
    Anonymous - Extracted from A 5th Portion of Chicken Soup for the Soul