Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Wish I Could Speak Like Music ~ Hāfez-e Šhīrāzī

I wish I could speak like music.

I wish I could put the swaying splendor

Of the fields into words

So that you could hold Truth

Against your body

And dance.

I am trying the best I can

With this crude brush, the tongue,

To cover you with light.

I wish I could speak like divine music.

I want to give you the sublime rhythms

Of this earth and the sky's limbs

As they joyously spin and surrender,


Against God's luminous breath.

Hafiz wants you to hold me

Against your precious


And dance,



Excerpted From "The Gift"

Hāfez-e Šhīrāzī
(1325 ~ 1390)

Translated By Daniel Ladinsky



  1. The Poem is beautifully synch with every dance postures and vice versa.

  2. I wish I have the ability to understand the deeper meaning of these words;

    I wish I don't just understand them through intellect, but I also experience these words on my person;

    How I wish that my wish comes true;

    The sum and substance is---
    "Hazaron Khwaishen aisee ke har khwaish pe dam nikle;
    Bahut nikle mere armaan phir bhi kam nikle".

  3. Wonderful Posting!

    Itz amazing to see those marvelous dance postures and hearing the background music along with the admiring lines that penetrates the soul...

  4. Poetry, music & dance have combined to create a magical splendour with the beautiful poem of Hafiz forming the foundation. It is wonderful. I keep reading this poem and watching this youtube clip again and again. It never tires me out. But gives me more and more. Like love!

  5. It is a beautiful poem with apt and lovely photographic stills of dance movements!