Sunday, January 22, 2012

GrandMa's Memory : A Painting & A Poem

Thirsty ~ N.J.Woods

Since there is nothing left for whatever exists, 
except wind through the hand
Since everything is immutable 
and has an end
Think that everything that exists, 
does not exist
And that which does not exist,
 its like it exists

~ Mahsati Ganjavi

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  1. Dear Anna,

    Though I wanted to call you or write you on the other day, I did not do that because I really did not know what could I tell you, who comforts me. But now after reading this post I think I have got something to remind you. Those are nothing but your own words for me which help me always whenever I go into deep sorrow. “Nobody leaves us actually. …our loved ones are always with us for us……”

    I feel still we are lucky that we experienced the unconditional love and care of our dear grandparents that our poor children may miss their share from their granddad’s ….and we have a reason to be proud that our grandparents gave us a chance to serve them better …….

    My sincere prayers that her soul rest in peace and hope you are doing good ….