Friday, January 27, 2012

To Go Beyond Oneself..

Dance By ~ Vidhi Shunyam Bogdanovska

The Pathway Finally Opened

When my heart came to rule
in the world of love,
it was freed
from both belief
and from disbelief.

On this journey,
I found the problem
to be myself.

When I went beyond myself,
the pathway finally opened.

~ Mahsati Ganjavi

(12th Century)

Excerpted From 
Love's Alchemy : Poems From The Sufi Tradition
Translated By 
David Fideler & Sabrineh Fideler


  1. Going beyond oneself! How easy to say. But how difficult indeed it is to demolish one's whole structure which is supported by false 'I'. There are no easy ways here. But the lesser the burden we carry, the lighter our journey will be. We are like donkeys carrying lot of mud. But can not take off all our load at one go. So let us remove it bit by bit. Lot of mud will get washed away if we bathe in the river of love for the Lord. Still the donkey will not vanish unless he commits suicide i.e spiritual death, i.e complete demolishon of the whole structure of oneself. Which is not possible or easy. So let's enjoy being a donkey always concious of removing his burden.

  2. read demolition and conscious correctly pl.

  3. Has the presence of the canines got any significance?