Sunday, January 1, 2012

Abhiraami Andhaadhi : Prayers ..

Abhiraami Andhaadhi Padhigam

Kalayaatha Kalviyum ..
Kuraiyaatha Vayathumor ..
Kabadu Vaaraatha Natpum ..
Kandraatha Valamayum ..
Kundraatha Ellamaiyum ..
Kazhuppinilaatha Udalum ..
Saliyaatha Manamum ..
Anbu Agalaatha Thunaiviyum ..
Thavaraatha Santhaanamum ..
Thaazhaatha Keerthiyum ..
Maraatha Vaarthaiyum ..
Thadaigal Vaaratha Kodaiyum ..
Thulaiyaatha Nithiyum ..
Konaatha Kolum ..
Oru Thunbam Illaatha Vaazhvum ..
Thuiyyanin Paadhaththil Anbum ..
Udhavi Periya Thondarodu ..
Kootu Kandaai ..
Alaiyaazhi Arithuyalumaaya ..
Yanathu Thangaiye ..
Aadhi Kadavooril Vaazhve ..
Amutheesham Orubhaagham ..
Akalaatha Sukhapaani ..
Arulvaai Nee ..
Abhiraamiye ..
Abhiraamiye ..

~ Composed By ~
Abhiraami Pattar Subramaniya Iyer
(Circa Late 18th Century)

The learning that does not go into oblivion, The age that does not dwindle,
The friendship that does not disappoint, The wealth that does not deteriorate ,
The youth that does not ebb, The body that is free from all diseases,
The mind that does not get bored, The spouse whose love never tapers,
The progeny that is regular, The fame that never diminishes,
The promises that are never broken, The charity that never has a road block,
The treasure that is never is lost, The power which is always just,
And the life which never has any sorrow and love towards your very pure divine feet,
And if you also bless me with the company of your great devotees,
Oh amiga who sleeps on a leaf floating in the sea, Oh life of ancient Kadavur,
Oh Goddess who does not move away from one side of 
Lord Shiva,
Oh Goddess who holds a parrot, Please grant me all these Abhiraamiye, Abhiraamiye.. 

Amirthakadeshwarar ~ Abhiraami Temple, Thirukadayur


  1. Lovely way to begin the new year.. To beseech the Goddess for overflowing love towards her pure divine feet and company of her great devotees in that beautiful voice...

    Oh Goddess who does not move away from one side of Lord Shiva..
    Grant us your endless love..

  2. The songs come under a class of Tamil poetry called "Andhaathi". Andhaathi means, the next poem should start with the ending from the previous one. One should be able to appreciate the talents and God's grace in Abiraami Pattar to sing all the 100 songs in one night.
    what an outpouring feel.
    like Andhaathi next year starts today.
    let us pray for a good ,peaceful,&prosperous year2012

  3. Path of Bhakti is the path of fulfillment of all desires, ephermal or otherwise. U are fortunate and blessed to invoke the Goddess in this manner. It does not come to everyone. After having done this one can leave everything to Her. She, in Her boundless compassion, will grant all your wishes. Even those which u do not ask for but cherish in some corner of your heart. Like Vibhishana who went to the feet of the Lord after forsaking Ravana. Lord, by his compassionate nature not only gave him His bhakti but also rule of Lanka for thousands of years without Vibhishana asking for it. Only because it was somewhere lying dormant in his heart. What is one supposed to do in the meanwhile? Just surrender and follow the Lord's commandments. Do not feel bad even if He kills Ravana, Kumbhakaran, Meghanatha and all of the Vibhishana's kith and kin and taking his help in the process. That is, whatever be the situation, feel that what has been done was the most beneficial thing, whatever it may appear on the face of it! That is the challenge. And the power to accept good or bad equally also comes naturally from devotion. And by no other means. Blessed are those who have seed of devotion in their Hearts. They can rest assured that it will become a huge tree in no time.